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As an 18 year old, Jackworked side by side with an older Milford Zornes at Vortox in the 1950's.

 In the old print shop Jack produced posters, playbills, holiday cards and more, which Milford had designed. Zornes was on the payroll as the advertising director for both Vortox and the Padua Hills Institute, the latter a creation of Vortox founder, Herman Garner, to support the arts and the Padua Hills Theatre. They worked closely for almost 10 years and became good friends

 Still with Vortox, Jack is now the VP of Claremont's oldest and most respected business.  After 55 years, it's fair to say that Jack is part of the Garner Family legacy to the city of Claremont— a city they had a major hand in making a home for artists of every type. Jack Dillon's fond recollections of Milford and a tour of the old print shop at Vortox—which amazingly has not been changed in 50 years—are some of the many elements that will make our film memorable.