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Grace McKay currently runs the premier telecine/format conversion business for film and video in the greater Orange County, California area, which is one of the most respected in Southern California. Besides being a trained engineer and technologist, she is a film preservationist and archivist specializing in pre-1950 feature films but also extending into television programs. Her background also includes many years as an independent producer-cinematographer both contracting with large corporations and creating her own projects.

As the owner of Electric Pictures, Grace McKay has put her electronic engineering skills to good work updating her huge telecine machines. She's built her own custom lens/gate for the projector and even scratch-built an 8mm and 16mm scanner to convert images to Hi Def resolution. [A telecine is, as the compound name implies, a very expensive, sophisticated device that plays film (cinema) and captures it onto modern electronic data files or television.] Grace works with the DFT Spirit which she modified to transfer anything from 8mm to 35 mm film onto beautiful Hi Def files as large as 2K (large enough for theatrical display!) In the process, she color-corrects using a DaVinci and restores old film when necessary. Her expertise in this field goes back to the BTS Philips machines in the old Standard Definition days. No job is too large --or too small for Electric Pictures.

However, Grace McKay's video engineering expertise is balanced with an extensive background as producer, cinematographer and editor. For many years Grace served major Southern California industrial clients such as McDonnell Douglas and Boeing, doing films which documented their products' quality and construction along with others for sales and marketing. As a producer and videographer she has shot on location all over the western US. Among her own proprietary projects has been a pilot for a television documentary series on contemporary art and artists. It was that project which fostered a collaboration with her fellow ZornesFilm producer, John Coleman.

Her acquisition and restoration of the library of 1930's documentarian Francis Line who was the founder of Southern California's Chaffey Community Art Association, opened the door to the world of renowned western artist Maynard Dixon and subsequently his friend, Milford Zornes.

It also propelled her into being an even larger collector of film and video in common domain. Her company, Electric Pictures has licensed stock footage to the BBC, PBS and to producers in countries such as Japan, France and Germany, acting as a distributor offering hundreds of thousands of feet of film as well as 1500 feature films and television shows from the 1950's and 60's.

In between and around all these media activities Grace McKay as been a video news stringer, chasing a good story with her camera to capture exciting footage when no one else could or would. She was one of the founding members of the Los Angeles chapter of the Media Communications Association-international (MCA-i) a 40-plus year old association of media professionals. Over the years she has served many times as an officer and member of the Board of Directors and continues to be active both on local and national levels.