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Senior Editor, John Primm is a master of editing and post production. He has been enlisted by the producers to handle the post-production for the Zornes documentary as the primary editor. Currently the proprietor of DV Post, Primm began his career as an award winning student filmmaker and has progressed over a lifetime to become an in-demand professional sought after by clients from the worlds of business, filmmaking non-profits and education. He is known for his ability to tell an interesting story by his skill in cutting and rearranging the elements of a film.

John Primm's company, DV Post, has been around for over 20 years serving clients and working on projects of all types and complexity. It offers production services as well as editorial. As a videographer and editor he provides his professional expertise to businesses, non-profit groups and governments to create video communications for them. As an independent post-production facility, DV Post also works with other media professionals as a subcontractor helping them create and finish projects of all kinds and of various lengths. Besides independent producers and production companies, John works with advertising agencies and directly with businesses such as H&R Block; Hilton Hotels; Kyocera; Parsons Corporation; CalTrans and more.

Among his many experiences prior to starting DV Post, John spent 11 years as a filmmaker working for the Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) in Orange, CA. He, traveled to Africa and Papua New Guinea to produce 16mm documentary films about missionary work.  It was an amazing experience visiting cultures that hadn't changed for thousands of years, and documenting how their spoken language was analyzed.  In addition to the 16mm films, John produced filmstrips and slide shows, was the still photographer for their magazine, did passport photos, and helped missionaries produce their own slide show that they used on speaking tours.  John also went on speaking tours with the films he produced. 

Primm also spent a few years working for the Long Beach Fire Department, editing training videos and was in charge of programming The Fire Channel, 63B. John spent 12 very prolific years at the Aeronutronic Division of Lockheed Martin, in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA where he produced over 900 videos for marketing, training, engineering, and documentation. 

After winning First Place in the National Kodak Teenage Movie Contest with his short film, "The Marble," which was a drama about a miracle, John started his professional career with a company called JP Productions in Hollywood, California.  He spent 5 years shooting and editing 16mm corporate films for JP and several other production companies.  John worked with stars of the era including Bob Cummings, John Forsythe, and Michael Landon on voice-overs, and with Henry Gibson of "Laugh-In" on-camera.  John received a screen credit for doing the sound effects editing on a feature film called "The Legend of Amaluk" (1971) with Lorne Greene, produced by two-time Academy Award winner, Jerry Fairbanks.

 Aside from digitally re-mastering his original award winning film, "The Marble," in time for a 40th anniversary edition, John Primm has composed and recorded an impressive list of original folk song titles.