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Photos of selected Zornes' art Anderson Gallery 12/26/2014

NOTE: Order should match the sequential ID # on  gallery files

NOTE: all are unframed watercolors unless otherwise noted. Most are standard size "full Sheets" or 22" x 30" on watercolor paper.

NOTE: some unfinished work is still worthy of showing (thus photographed) if in Bill's opinion it captures the essence of the subject and therefore does not really require any more detail to be 'finished.'

About the Project

The Project:

ZornesFilm has been organized by three experienced media professionals who have partnered together to create a feature length documentary telling the extraordinary story of master painter, Milford Zornes, who lived from 1908 to 2008

Project History:

In early 2014 Art Kirsch joined Grace McKay and John Coleman (“Team”) to rejuvenate a dormant project and bring to fruition a film John & Grace had started as a work of love. The pair had met Zornes on the occasion of his 97th birthday and filmed him numerous times in his studio and elsewhere until his death at age 100. It is this rare and valuable first-hand footage which is the core of the current project.