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 Artist and art gallery owner, Bill Anderson first met Milford Zornes in 1994 when curating an exhibition of American artists for a show at the National Museum of Watercolor in Mexico City. Hesubsequently became friends with Milford, traveling with him to paint on location in Hawaii, Mt. Whitney, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and all over California. Bill worked with Milford Zornes the last 14 years of Milford's life, painting with him least one day a week. The Anderson Gallery has many of Milford Zornes' works available from just about every period.

The Anderson Art Gallery in Sunset Beach, California was started by Bill and his wife Ausma over 20 years ago. The uniqueness of this gallery is that owner Bill Anderson has worked closely with the artists he represents. Besides Milford Zornes, another example of this is renowned Mexican muralist and painter, Raul Anguiano. Bill worked with Raul for 32 years doing portrait and figure drawing as well as Plein Air and assisting Raul in two major murals. Besides the work of Zornes, Anguiano and Anderson's own highly acclaimed art, The Bill Anderson Gallery also represents a number of other well-known artists.

Below are over 100 images of Zornes work from a wide variety of periods, courtesy of Bill Anderson. Click HERE to see a list of these images


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