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Frank and Maria at the Fresco

The whole point of taking our camera crew to the Ramona bowl in Hemet was to capture a moment that may never happen again—and that's what we got. Maria (Zornes Baker) and her husband Hal were down from the Sacramento area and Frank Zornes drove in with his wife, Marsha, from Arizona. While it wasn't a special reunion for them, (they see each other, but as you may guess from their respective residences, not very often) it was for us.

Milford's Drivers

One of the curious discoveries in researching the life of Milford Zornes is the long list of people who were kind enough to chauffeur him on his painting trips. I was going to say 'befriended him' but after talking to these folks it's more the case that Milford befriended them. To be fair, he was a very engaging and outgoing fellow and by all accounts made friends very easily. That was certainly the case with us.